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Work With A Lawyer Who Understands Child Support In Texas

Both parents have a legal duty to secure financial and medical support for their children. A court can issue an order requiring one or both parents to provide financial support for their child’s living expenses, education, health care and other needs.

Child support issues most frequently arise during uncontested divorce proceedings, but they can also come up following a paternity determination. In either case, attorney Yvonne Kafor, founder of Kafor Law Firm, PLLC, can help you obtain support or defend against an unwarranted claim for support. She is an experienced uncontested family law attorney who understands the intricacies of Texas child support law. Whether you’re facing proceedings for an initial determination of child support or a modification of an existing award, she can address your case with skill and attention. Backed by nearly 15 years of legal experience, she is committed to providing you with quality legal services geared toward a favorable outcome.

Child Support Calculations And Complicating Factors

In Texas, child support is calculated according to a formula that takes into account several factors:

  • Both parents’ incomes
  • The number of joint children
  • Any non-joint children

Other factors also sometimes come into play – for example, your child custody arrangement, any special needs of the children, educational expenses and travel costs for parents who live far apart. What’s more, determining income isn’t always straightforward, especially if one parent is self-employed or has fluctuating income. Skilled legal guidance is all the more critical in these complicated cases.

Support Modifications

Modifications are a common issue when it comes to child support. Under Texas law, the party seeking a modification must show that either there has been a change in circumstances or it has been at least three years and the parties’ incomes have changed enough to warrant a new support order. Attorney Kafor can help you seek or oppose a modification.

Discuss The Next Steps In Your Child Support Case – Consultation

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