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Skilled Mediation Services In Civil And Uncontested Family Law Cases

Court battles are rarely an ideal way to resolve disputes. Mediation is an effective form of alternative dispute resolution that can save the parties time and money while giving them more power to craft a meaningful resolution.

At the Kafor Law Firm, PLLC, attorney Yvonne Kafor is also a mediator. She serves as a third-party neutral in divorce, custody and other uncontested family law cases as well as civil cases. She draws on a strong background of training and experience to develop creative resolutions to complex disagreements. Based in Dallas, Texas, she serves clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Why Consider Mediation?

The litigation process is overwhelming, confusing, time-consuming and costly. Mediation is a quicker and cheaper alternative. It is a form of dispute resolution conducted by an impartial third party trained to assist parties in reaching a binding agreement. It generally benefits all parties involved, as it empowers them to have more of a say in the decision, and it provides more flexibility than an all-or-nothing outcome that frequently results from trial.

As an attorney, Ms. Kafor has represented numerous clients in court battles and mediation, so she understands both processes. She has seen firsthand how mediation can save clients a significant amount of money, time and energy. As a mediator, she has witnessed parties identify issues and obstacles, explore options to resolve them and finally reach resolutions.

Attorney Kafor’s Approach To Mediation

As a mediator, Ms. Kafor has the following goals:

  1. Assisting parties in neutralizing emotions and hostility
  2. Allowing parties the opportunity to express themselves
  3. Giving parties control of the decision-making process
  4. Saving the parties time, stress and money
  5. Helping the parties reach resolutions

She is skilled at defusing conflict and helping parties untangle complex disagreements to find common ground.

Learn More About Her Mediation Services

To learn how your case may benefit from mediation, contact Kafor Law Firm, PLLC, online or call 214-473-5751 to speak with Ms. Kafor. She offers initial consultations at no charge.

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