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Will uncontested divorce through mediation work for you?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Mediation |

Uncontested Divorce can be a painful, messy and costly affair. Given its implications, the decision regarding how you will dissolve your marriage is all the more critical. However, uncontested divorce does not have to be stressful, especially if both parties can agree on the sticky issues.

Uncontested Divorce mediation is a unique and effective way to dissolve a marriage as it offers a gentler and more cost-effective way of navigating the cumbersome legal aspects of divorce. 

The uncontested divorce mediation process involves engaging an independent, third-party who helps the divorcing couple work out the details. 

Here are two tips that can help you get the most out of your uncontested divorce mediation.

Act in good faith

It is crucial that both parties are determined to have the right intentions right from the onset. This means both parties must be ready to make necessary disclosures such as financial information to the other spouse and the mediator. These disclosures must be as accurate and truthful as possible. Mediation may fail if either party attempts to hide marital assets, defraud each other, or is dishonest.

Be proactive in the mediation process

If your spouse is only open to mediation on the condition that you do all the heavy lifting, then the chances are mediation may not work for you. For it to work, both parties must be ready and willing to participate in every aspect of the process.

A litigated uncontested divorce can be highly emotional. Fortunately, uncontested divorce mediation can help couples end their marriage on good terms and avoid the long-lasting damage that a conflictive uncontested divorce could bring.