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How could tires cause a crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Personal Injury |

When was the last time you checked your tires? The tires on your vehicle are crucial to your safety. Yet, many people forget to check them regularly.

While modern cars require much less maintenance than older ones used to, some maintenance checks are still crucial– including your tires.

Ideally, you will walk around your vehicle and look at your tires every day, but if that sounds like too much, then do it once a week. Here is why it is so important:

Your tires are your only points of contact with the road

Your ability to steer around bends and brake quickly in an emergency depends on how much your tires grip the road. Worn tires grip less than ones with optimum tread. Tires have wear markers to show when you should replace them, and making sure they have sufficient tread left is even more crucial when the road surface is wet or greasy.

Worn tires are also more prone to blowouts. If you have a blowout while traveling at speed, it could cause you to lose control and plow into another vehicle.

You also need to rotate your tires

The four tires do not wear evenly – those on the rear wear more quickly because most cars are rear-wheel drive, so they do the bulk of the work. There is often more weight on the back tires, too, for instance, if you load the trunk with tools or shopping.

Ensuring your tires are in good condition helps you avoid causing a collision. Yet it still might not be enough to avoid one that someone who does not do adequate tire maintenance causes. If they injure you, seek legal help to claim compensation.