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Lost wages are part of recoverable economic damages

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A car accident or any other personal injury can affect your ability to continue working or return to work for a considerable period. It may leave you financially vulnerable since you still have bills to pay, such as rent and food.

Lost wages form part of the economic damages that you can recover after an injury. However, for you to recover the full amount you deserve, you need to understand how everything works when making your claim.

The first thing you need to do before claiming lost wages is establish that you cannot continue working. Usually, a doctor’s statement that establishes your inability to work may be enough to prove that if your injuries are not too apparent.

What is covered under lost wages?

When making a lost wages claim, your present and future earnings are considered. The current earnings can be shown using a wage verification form from your employer and calculating the amount lost is pretty straightforward. This includes any overtime or bonuses you might have missed out on.

However, lost future earnings are not so easy to quantify. For example, your injuries may affect your potential to progress in your career or permanently limit your ability to earn wages. It may be hard to put a figure on it, but you deserve compensation for that. In some instances, lost future earnings may span to your retirement age depending on the circumstances of your case.

Getting justice

Ensuring you get enough settlement is crucial to helping you get back on your feet, and lost wages form a significant part of the compensation package. Therefore, you need to have all the necessary documentation and information needed to prove your damages and successfully navigate the claims process.