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How does a custody battle impact my child?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Child Custody |

No one plans on getting divorced. When you create a life together, you plan to be there to support each other and your children.

As you prepare to start a new chapter, you and your ex will have to find a way to negotiate how you will care for your children. When custody negotiations turn into battles, it can impact how your children cope with the divorce.

Here’s what you should know about how a custody battle can impact your children.

Bitter battles are bad for kids

As a parent in the middle of a custody battle, you may hope your children do not notice the tension and challenges you face as you try to negotiate custody. While you may try to keep the heated discussions away from them, your children are still likely to pick up on cues that you are stressed and overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, these high-stress situations can be difficult for children to process, making their future and their relationship with you and their other parent feel unstable. In some cases, the feeling of instability can have long-term consequences.

Refocusing the energy

During a uncontested divorce with children, there is going to be some negotiation when it comes to child custody. However, you and your ex can reframe the energy of the discussion into something more productive.

For better or worse, you and your ex will need to continue to be a team when it comes to raising your children. When you can set aside your dispute during custody discussions, you can focus on what is best for your children rather than trying to advocate exclusively for what you want.

In some cases, conflict is unavoidable. If you and your ex can reframe your discussions so that you can provide the best solution for your children, you are more likely to arrive at a solution that supports everyone.