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Why do people choose collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2022 | Divorce |

You and your spouse may not always see eye-to-eye, but you both think it is best to get a divorce. You may have started filing for uncontested divorce when you heard how long and tedious the entire court process can be.  If you and your spouse are in full agreement on how your uncontested divorce should go, then you may get quicker results through a collaborative divorce. 

Collaborative uncontested divorce involves you and your spouse each discussing, alongside your attorneys, the “sticking points” of your divorce. It’s a quicker process than standing before a court and discussing every fine detail of your marriage. Collaborative uncontested divorce has many bonuses besides skipping court. Here’s what you should know:

3 advantages to collaborative divorce 

Both you and your spouse may agree on why the uncontested divorce is happening – you may just not totally agree on things like the way your assets and debts should be divided and issues of custody or support. You may find that collaborative divorce:

  • Gives you more freedom over your divorce: A judge may feel it’s necessary to step in during the proceedings of your uncontested divorce taking away your autonomy.
  • Costs less than litigation: You and your spouse volunteer information that saves the cost of the discovery process.
  • Protects your privacy: Collaborative uncontested divorce can be more personal and less revealing of why you want a uncontested divorce and how it proceeded.

You don’t have to be in agreement with your spouse to have a collaborative divorce. You just need to be willing to negotiate in good faith. You may need to find the right legal support that can help you get everything you want from your collaborative divorce.