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Mediation can be an important protection for your privacy 

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Mediation |

Maybe you have a major business dispute with your partner and you simply can’t resolve the matter on your own. Perhaps you are in the early stages of the uncontested divorce process, and you have yet to agree on a fair arrangement for co-parenting or dividing your assets. 

You don’t have to brace yourself for litigation and either accept an unfair outcome or the embarrassment that comes from sharing the details of your dispute in a public forum. Mediation can be a way for those dealing with disputes to resolve their issues without going to court. 

Mediation involves working directly with a neutral third party who helps to facilitate compromise. When successful, mediation results in a signed agreement that can theoretically hold up in court even if one party changes their mind later.  

One of the biggest benefits of mediation is that it protects your privacy

Mediation is typically confidential in Texas. With a few rare exceptions, mediation records will be confidential regardless of whether the session is successful or not. Whatever you discuss in mediation will remain private unless you include it in the agreement that you may present to the courts later. 

In mediation, you can talk about problematic factors that you worry about bringing up in court because of potential criminal consequences or the possibility of embarrassing details becoming public record. One of the many benefits of mediation is how it empowers you to discuss the specifics of your situation and dispute without making those details known to others. 

Learning more about professional mediation can help those dealing with a significant conflict in Texas.