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What does a uncontested divorce mediation session look like?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Divorce, Mediation |

Your marriage has ended, and you want to have the uncontested divorce proceedings go as smoothly as possible. This rules out going to court, which promises to be expensive and uncomfortable.

Mediation is an option. But what happens at a mediation session? Where does one take place and who engages in drawing up a solution? The players involved include you, your estranged spouse, your respective attorneys and a third-party mediator who – more often than not – is an attorney.

Discussions and solutions

Once your attorneys agree on a mediator, the process begins. Here is a typical scenario and what takes place during a uncontested divorce mediation:

  • All parties involved meet at the office of the mediator. Neither spouse will feel at a disadvantage because the sessions take place at a third-party site.
  • Your attorney will accompany you, and your spouse’s attorney will accompany them.
  • At least five people will be in the room: you and your attorney, your estranged spouse and their attorney and the mediator who usually sits at the head of the table.
  • Expect some discomfort as you are in close quarters with your estranged spouse and their attorney. You may even sit across the table from them.
  • During a mediation session, the mediator will address and lead discussions on issues such as division of assets, child or spousal support and child visitation. The goal is to come to an agreement.
  • Sometimes, you and your attorney may break away from the session to have a private conversation.
  • An initial mediation session may last for four hours. Often, a follow-up session is necessary. If either attorney is dissatisfied with the mediator after the initial session, they may choose to select a different mediator, which both attorneys must agree upon.

Your attorney will be with you at every step, guiding and advocating for you and providing crucial insight.

Interested in learning more?

An experienced uncontested family law attorney, Yvonne Kafor leads a knowledgeable team that will help explain whether mediation is an option for you. Her team will answer your questions and provide the direction you need. Ms. Kafor has long hosted free educational seminars on uncontested family law topics, including mediation. Request more information on her upcoming seminars on this page.