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3 safety features to consider if replacing your car

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2022 | Personal Injury |

While there are environmental reasons for and against buying a new car, instead of just keeping your old one, one thing is sure. Newer vehicles offer far more safety features.

Some of these options come as standard, while others will cost extra. Prioritizing your safety could mean massive savings in the long term if it helps you avoid a crash. Here are some options to consider:

Braking assistance

If someone brakes too late, they may not be able to brake hard enough to stop the car in time to avoid a collision. Some vehicles can apply extra force when they calculate it necessary.

Blind spot detection

Many crashes occur because a driver does not see someone else. Larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs have particularly large blind spots. Any technology that helps overcome them is welcome. Cyclists and motorcyclists, in particular, could benefit, as drivers often struggle to see them because their small size allows them to disappear into a blind spot.

Lane departure warning

Most drivers have felt tired on one of their journeys. Life can be tiring, and the comfort of a car can be a little too restful for some. If a driver drifts off, they could veer across a lane without realizing it. The same applies to distracted drivers who do not pay attention to holding a straight line.

The lane departure system alerts drivers when they are heading out of their lane, waking them up or grabbing their attention through vibrations or sounds. Some systems even correct automatically.

Consider these options as extras. The key to safe driving still rests with the person at the wheel. If another driver injures you, consider getting legal help to hold them responsible.