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A Trusted Legal Ally For Those Facing Uncontested Family Law Issues

Family law disputes are often emotionally trying and financially difficult for all parties involved. At Kafor Law Firm, PLLC, you will find quality legal representation, clear and honest answers to your questions and reasonable retainer fees.

The firm’s founder, Yvonne Kafor, will treat you with respect, care and attention from start to finish during your case. She draws on nearly 15 years of experience to help people throughout the Dallas metroplex navigate tough issues. She encourages clients to consider mediation whenever possible as a means of avoiding the stress and expense of litigation. However, she is fully prepared to go to court when necessary to protect your interests.

Ms. Kafor is experienced in guiding clients through Texas uncontested family law issues such as:

  • Uncontested Divorce and everything that it entails, including marital property division, alimony (also called spousal support or maintenance), child custody issues and child support
  • Annulments
  • Non-uncontested divorce child custody issues, including visitation and placement
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Name changes
  • Premarital/prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Post-judgment modifications of child support, custody or alimony
  • Contempt and enforcement proceedings
  • Paternity
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Adoption cases
  • Domestic violence
  • Restraining orders
  • Child Protective Services, including suit intervention and defense
  • Surrogacy agreements and disputes
  • Mediation

Parental Responsibility: Paternity Cases

Paternity suits are actions brought with the goal of establishing a legal parental relationship. Once paternity is established, a father is obligated to support his child, and he also gains the right to share custody or have visitation rights. Ms. Kafor can help you establish, challenge or disestablish paternity, depending on your needs.

Personal Identity: Name Changes

Uncontested Divorce and remarriage may cause clients to seek name changes that reflect their current circumstances. During a uncontested divorce proceeding, Ms. Kafor will file the proper documentation in a timely manner so that you can make a fresh start with a new name when the uncontested divorce is finalized, should you choose to do so.

The Personalized Uncontested Family Law Guidance You Deserve

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