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Benefit From Extensive Knowledge And Experience In Texas Custody Cases

When parents go their separate ways, they need to make arrangements for where their children will live, who will make important parenting decisions and who will cover various expenses. These decisions will have a big impact on your life – and your children’s.

A successful parenting plan should fit your parenting capabilities and fulfill your child’s needs. It’s important to invest the time and effort upfront to craft a thoughtful custody arrangement that makes sense for your family rather than deal with headaches, hassle and disputes down the road.

Diligent Representation

Yvonne Kafor, founder of Kafor Law Firm, PLLC, can help you determine which custody arrangement works best for your family. She is an experienced uncontested family law attorney who helps clients pursue a tailored custody arrangement that allows both parents to maintain a healthy relationship with their child whenever appropriate. She also helps clients address situations when that isn’t appropriate – for example, when domestic violence or substance abuse is an issue. No matter your circumstances, you can rely on Ms. Kafor to provide diligent representation and honest guidance, protecting your parental rights as well as the best interests of the children.

Texas Child Custody Basics

In general, joint custody is the preferred arrangement in Texas, giving both parents decision-making authority and meaningful involvement in their children’s lives. Working out the details of that arrangement can be complicated, however. The best interests of the children is the governing standard for custody decisions.

Ms. Kafor can walk you through Texas custody law and how it might apply to your situation. She understands the nuances of the best-interests standard.

Your Trusted Advocate In Court Or Mediation

Mediation is a helpful way of resolving many custody cases. It’s more effective and efficient than litigation, which means it will save you time and money while giving you more power to shape the outcome.

Ms. Kafor is both a lawyer and mediator, so she is familiar with the many benefits of mediation. Should your custody case go to court, however, she is a skilled and experienced advocate who can capably make a strong case.

Discuss Your Custody Concerns – Consultation

To schedule a initial consultation with Ms. Kafor, call Kafor Law Firm, PLLC, at 214-473-5751. The firm handles child custody cases throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area.

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