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What does a driver mean when they say they didn’t see you?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Personal Injury |

One minute you were driving along, the next, you felt a jolt as another car smashed into you. When the other driver emerges from their vehicle, they say they did not see you. The question you need to answer is why? Why did they not see you?

Assuming you were not driving a black vehicle without lights on an unlit stretch of road in the dead of night, it should have been pretty hard to miss you. Therefore if the other driver did not spot you, it implies they did something wrong. Here are some of the options as to what that may be:

They were drunk

If you have ever had a drunken person stumble into you on the street, you may have noticed they had their head down. That is because holding your head upright when drunk can be hard work. Now imagine that same person driving instead of walking. The consequences would be much more serious.

They were asleep

While no driver will put on their pajamas and pull out a pillow while at the wheel, many do drift into sleep. If they do so for even one moment, it could be enough to crash into you.

They were distracted

A recent survey found only 43% of drivers said they had rarely if ever used their phones while driving. Phones do so many things these days that even if your refrain from texting or making calls, there is still the temptation to use your phone for music or navigation. All take your attention off the road.

A driver who said they did not see you may change their story once they have sought legal advice. Yet, you have a valuable clue that they know they were in the wrong. Proving it will not be easy, but doing so will help you get the total amount of compensation you are entitled to receive.