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The dangers of overworked and untrained truck drivers

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Personal Injury |

You might have noticed there are more semitrucks on the highway than there are smaller vehicles, such as your own. It can be intimidating to drive around semis, especially when you notice a trucker swaying between lanes. They may be moving too close to your car, raising your risk of serious or fatal injuries.

You shouldn’t blame truckers for raising the danger of motor vehicle accidents on highways. They are, after all, taking on a demanding job that few people want. The actions of a truck driver aren’t necessarily their fault. There are a few factors to consider that might make you see trucking accidents as the result of a bigger issue. Here’s what you should know:

Trucking companies push truckers beyond their limitations

There are many risks truck drivers have to take when driving long distances with little to no breaks. Meeting a shipping deadline may mean a trucker has to skip out on a few meals and a good night’s rest. This can lead them to experience nausea, fatigue and even pass out at the wheel. 

Trucking companies that don’t regulate their workers’ health or provide them the proper healthcare they need can lead truckers into dangerous situations, and that can lead to injuries for both the trucker and others.

Younger truckers don’t have the training or experience to drive

There’s been a recent shortage in truck drivers that’s caused many of the stores around you to seem barren. Trucking companies’ response to this shortage has been to hire younger truck drivers as young as 18 years of age. 

While this may seem ideal to get merchandise flowing through stores again, its result has put many people in danger, including the truckers. Trucking companies that hire younger truckers don’t give them the proper training they need to safely drive interstate routes.

These young truckers barely have experience of their own to drive smaller vehicles, let alone the massive trucks that could carry ten of the car you drive. These trucking companies put you and their drivers, who were still considered kids months before they were hired, at risk of serious spinal injuries, head injuries and fatalities. 

Car accidents caused by semitrucks may not be the fault of the trucker. You should know who is at fault for your injuries when seeking medical coverage and looking to recover your losses.